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Discount Ostomy Medical Supplies To Celebrate World Ostomy Day & Ostomy Awareness Day 2012

Posted on 6th Oct 2012 @ 10:26 AM

Today marks a celebration of the remarkable steps medicine has taken in developing surgical options for people requiring ostomy surgery.  It also signals a world wide effort to portray having an ostomy in a positive light.  The United Ostomy Associations of America, ostomy groups around the world, and ostomy appliance manufacturers/distributors are doing their part to celebrate and signify the importance of this day.   To celebrate this special day, Parthenon is offering even further discounts on its ostomy medical supplies with a coupon of $15 on orders of $150 or more.  The offer is also good for other items on the website such as wound care dressings, incontinence products, and other popular products such as ParSorb gel packets, DevKo, m9, and Stomahesive Paste / Adapt Paste

The coupon code to use is: WOD2012

Offer is good one time only.  One per person. Expires Saturday October 13, 2012. 

Offer only valid when used at the time of placing the order via the website and telephone (1-800-453-8898).